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Terrible Name, Great Polish!

Revlon Fall Mood

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My polish of choice today is Revlon Fall Mood, a soft bronze that is perfect for fall. Just the other day I said it was way too early for pumpkin spice anything and there I was this morning with a pumpkin spice latte in hand. The weather has been pretty temperamental, cold one day hot the next making it clear that summer has just about come to an end. I have all but put away my neon polishes and started pulling out my fall favorites but I might have left out one or two bright ones just in case I change my mind! I didn't love the name of this polish, Fall Mood...Maybe the person who named this polish had to do so really early in the morning before they had a chance to have coffee. Bad name aside I am really liking this color. Soft golden bronze foil that shimmers nicely. The formula is great! Revlon got the consistency perfect and I can now say I am just loving these split brushes they have in the Colorstay formulas. It took me a few tries to get used to them because they are a bit unusual. The application is so easy and precise that it left me excited to paint the second coat. I was trying to give my first coat a minute to dry but that took longer than I expected it. My polish did seem to stay tacky for a very long time. As soon as I was done my second coat I applied fast drying top coat and the dry time was considerably easier to manage. Pictured above I am wearing two coats with a layer of top coat. It's soft and pretty and easy on the eyes. I'm especially fond the lack of brush marks that usually accompanies these kinds of polishes. I am not sure why it stays tacky for such a long time maybe it's just the texture of the formula but the problem was easily remedied with top coat and dried as nail polish should with it on top. The most frequently asked question I get lately is what top coat I am using and you can find that here. Enjoy!

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