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Sinful Colors Kobalt

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I had one textured polish left to try from the last Sinful Colors collection that I picked up a little while back and it was Kobalt. I was a little bit apprehensive about this one because when I tried Kustom Fit I had experienced some staining and I was a bit worried that I would be having a similar experience. I decided that I was was going to be prepared this time and started with two layers of base coat that I allowed to completely dry before applying Kobalt. I found the formula the same as the others I have tried in this collection so far it has a good consistency and is easy to apply. I was a bit more careful as well to avoid my cuticles because as much as I love you guys I was just not ready to walk around with them stained blue. It was not a difficult task however because the formula as I said, was good. I applied two coats of polish but I gave it ten minutes to dry between coats because I wanted the texture to be apparent. I find that with textured polishes, if you apply the layers too closely together they do not turn out quite as textured as they are meant to be. This also cuts down on the overall drying time if you are not adding fast drying top coat you are at the mercy of your polish and some of them take a while to dry, and even longer to cure! We have all had a time or two when we thought our polish was dry, to the touch at least, went to bed and woke up with sheet marks on what used to be a perfect manicure. That can be pretty frustrating. It's one of the reasons why I love my top coats! Who doesn't love a fast dry time and glossy nails! I really wanted to experience the texture this time. Being patient was worth my while because my nails looked great. I loved the metallic blue gleam that the texture gives Kobalt and I appreciate that the texture is not super gritty making it easy to wear without becoming irritating. It's not exactly a true cobalt blue as the name implies, it feels a bit more like denim with this texture but the collection is called Denim and Bling so it is very fitting. When I removed my polish I was very please to find my nails were not the slightest bit blue. The two coats of base were really worth the extra time spent preparing for this manicure. I would recommend Kobalt to all my fellow blue nail polish lovers out there as long as you don't skip out on the base coat! Check out some of the previous Sinful Colors I have reviewed here.

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