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A Raisin To Live, A Color To Celebrate!

KB Shimmer A Raisin To Liv

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It felt a bit more like fall today so I found myself reaching for KB Shimmer A Raisin To Live. It's one of those polishes that I could wear every day and not get sick of looking at. It is a deep burgundy, blackened Ox Blood colored polish full of holographic sparkles. The glitter load is generous but not overbearing. The jelly base has just the right opacity to allow the glitter to shine through it, giving it depth and dimensions that captivate. The formula is very well made, easy to manipulate and applies cleanly. One of the most common complaints I hear about dark colors is that they are unforgiving when it comes to application. That is very true because if you color outside the line everyone is going to know! Don't ask me why I associate painting nails with coloring books but it's how I explain it. Some formulas are runny and difficult to control even for the most experienced nail polish connoisseur and that is one of the reasons why choosing a polish with a good formula can be so satisfying. A Raisin To Live will go exactly where you apply it, it's smooth and effortless. If you paint your cuticles...well then honey you are going to get out a little make up brush or a cotton swab and clean it up with a bit of acetone or nail polish remover. Your cuticles should never be the same color as your nail polish. A Raisin To Live is very dark but not dark enough to be mistaken for black. I applied three thin coats but two is enough if you go a bit heavier. A layer of glossy top coat really gives it the finishing touch and the glitter just seems to float in the jelly. I feel ready for fall today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. In the mean time why not check out my other KB Shimmer reviews right here.

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