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I Love Playing With Purple!

China Glaze Mix and Mingle

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,China Glaze,Mix and Mingle,purple

China Glaze Mix and Mingle is from the Cheers Winter 2015 collection and just happens to be one of my favorite creme polishes. You are looking at two coats of polish and no top coat. Just threw it right on and let it dry. I allowed for 2-3 minutes of drying time between coats. It's an eye catching vivid shade of purple that I adore and have worn on my fingers and toes! I felt Mix and Mingle was a bit of an unusual choice of color for a set released for the Christmas season but I always said I love surprises. The formula is user friendly, easy to apply and maybe a tiny bit on the sheer side, so you will need two coats for opacity. The reason I was reaching for Mix and Mingle was Don't Mesh with Me

China Glaze Don't Mesh With Me

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,China Glaze,Don't Mesh With Me,purple shimmer

Don't Mesh With Me is an iridescent shimmery purple polish that caught my attention immediately, when I came across a display for the new Rebel collection. It was in my hand faster than lightning and when I read the name I had to laugh! It was surely meant to be since it has my name on it! True story! My name is Emese but I go by Mesh. Way easier to pronounce and most people just can't and that's ok. So Don't Mesh With Me is mine. Yep I am claiming this baby and reserve the right to claim any other polish I want to because I am greedy that way. It's a densely packed purple micro glitter in a tinted base that's very sheer, so on it's own it requires some work to build it up. I played with it and four layers later I still felt that I was not seeing it's full potential, and my nail polish was thicker than I like it even before top coat. It's so pretty though! I decided to try it on top of Mix and Mingle because I felt the purples would work nicely together and I am happy with my decision. I would like to try Don't Mesh With Me over other colors as well because I love playing this game! It's kind of like one of those choose your own adventure books we read as kids. Before I get side tracked, the formula is very easy to work with. It almost feels like you're working with a jelly but it isn't as squishy. It dries down nice and smooth but not very glossy so a top coat will bring it to life.

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,China Glaze,Don't Mesh With Me,purple

At certain angles I kept seeing a green flash but only when I wore it on it's own. I felt four layers is a bit too much because this polish does have a bit of volume. It's definitely a topper. While it's not what I expected from just looking at the bottle I am quite happy with Don't Mesh With Me and I'm excited to see what else I can put this baby on. Show me what you are doing and tag your fun nail post on Instagram @Nailvanna.

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