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Subtle but not drab!

OPI Worth A Pretty Penne

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Last Fall OPI released the 2015 Venice Collection. I picked up Worth A Pretty Penne along with a few others and I have played with them on a few occasions. The fist time I wore Worth A Pretty Penne I was pleasantly surprised by this rosy copper. Usually copper gives my hand a bit of a red tint but this one has just the right amount of pink to offset that. I applied two coats but you can get away with one if you apply it a little bit thicker. Just remember that thinner coats are less likely to chip. You can see the brush strokes in my picture but in person they are much less apparent. Once again I am showing you a polish without top coat only because I find the metallic polish photographs naked truer to color, but I do apply top coat after I am done with my pictures. The formula is good although it does feel a bit grainy as you are painting, it will not hinder you though. It's quite easy to manipulate making it an effortless choice when you are looking for something closer to neutral, just not as boring. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I am happy with a good neutral because they can make some great bases for glitter and nail art. Worth A Pretty Penne has just enough bling to keep it fun. It's a great choice for those days where you need something subtle but not drab!

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