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Lucky Charming

Pure Ice Lucky Charming

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Pure Ice Lucky Charming is an iridescent clover green foil that has a nice gold shimmer to it. I am not sure what got me to reach for a green polish today but I did. Why not? The formula is a little bit on the thin side but as long as you take a second to remove the excess polish from your brush you are going to be just fine. I did not flood my cuticles once and that is a good thing because of how fine the glitter is in this polish it would have clung to my skin like glue. Removing all traces of glitter so fine is a lot of work. It's also a bit on the sheer side so it took me three coats before the visible nail line was totally covered. Since Lucky Charming is easy to work with that was not a big deal. I find most foil polishes photograph better without top coat so in this picture it is just the three coats of polish. Rest assured that once my pictures were taken I applied top coat. I found that my polish was a bit slow to dry tonight but it is once again a pretty humid night. I am loving the heat but my nail polish has a harder time with it. A fast drying top coat will help out with those nuisances. I enjoyed this polish, considering how low it is priced it's certainly worth picking up a bottle.

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