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Just The Tips!

Essence Fame Fatal

Nailvanna,nail polish rewies,lacquer,Essence,Fame Fatal, red

I love the time in between seasons where it seems to be a free for all. Anything goes really in the nail polish world because the hype from the passing seasons colors is fading and it feels a little too early to fully jump into fall so we linger and play. Essence Fame Fatal turned up in a purse I had not used in a while. I must admit I did pause and scold myself a little because no matter now many bottles of nail polish I have it's not like me to do something like that. Even in the bottle this red glows and I decided I had to wear it right away. The formula has a nice consistency easy to apply but the brush was the surprise. Such a tiny little bottle has a substantial well made brush! It's got a bit of width to it so you require less brush strokes and it's flexible but still firm enough to allow for clean lines. Essence has an amazingly low price point so I have no idea how they manage to make such a great quality polish. I think I need all the other colors right now... no joke. Who does not like discovering a great product but with a tiny price tag? I applied two coats that dried fast and glossy but added top coat to protect my killer mani! This is one of those shades of red that is pretty true and does not pull very much to either orange or blue. A true classic.

Nina Gold Flake Top Coat

Nailvanna,nail polish rewies,lacquer,Essence,Fame Fatal, red,Nina,Gold Flake top coat

I had plans and wanted to add a bit of bling to my nails so I reached for Nina Gold Flake Top Coat. I love this shade of red so I didn't want to cover up too much of it. I just wanted to add a little something extra. So I played a little game that I'm sure you have all played before ... Just the tips! Turns out this top coat is quite saturated so I did have to be a little careful not to overload the brush but the learning curve is slight. These gold foil flakes are stunning! They are a true gold metallic that dry flat and sparkle like mad! I am not certain it was the right one to put with Fame Fatal because I immediately thought this will look so awesome at Christmas! Sometimes things just don't turn out quite the way you expect them to but that is not a bad thing. My nails had way more bling than I was planning on but there is no such thing as too much sparkle in my books. If you are a gold girl and love your metallic nails you need this topper! What a great day for nail polish! Happy hump day girls!

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