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“Don't worry. You're just as sane as I am -Luna Lovegood” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and

Zoya Luna

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I was not super thrilled with the last two Zoya polishes I tried and I felt it was time to take a moment and go back a minute to one that I had worn before and enjoyed. Zoya Luna is a silver glitter suspended in a light grey sheer base. It dries matte but the glitter doesn't lose it's luster so even the weakest light source will make it sparkle. It took me a minute ... or ten to realize that the white you see on the side of my nails in the picture is not me forgetting to moisturize but the glitter reflecting on my skin. Looney Luna... One of my favorites for sure! The formula is easy to work with, smooth and easy to manipulate. The glitter is a medium grain but does not feel gritty on the brush and once dry it is only sightly textured. I love that it's a clean and true silver, that light grey base is just perfect! Luna was released as part of a winter collection a few years ago but as I keep saying I can't bring myself to banish a color to a season without a good reason. Anytime is glitter time! I am wearing three coats for opacity and no top coat. I have tried wearing it with top coat in the past and while it will smooth out any bit of texture the glitter has I feel that the combination of matte base and shiny glitter have this wonderful chemistry and that adding top coat seems to take away from. I found Luna quite durable with only minor tip wear after four days of wear and removal was fairly easy for a glitter. A definite buy if you do not own it.

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