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Revlon Showtime

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You would think that with the amount of nail polish I own I could walk past a bottle of polish and not get all giddy. If it was a test on self control I would have failed but since it's about having all the pretty nail polish I win. Revlon Showtime is a beautiful rich glittery jewel tone purple. I had no issues with application but the Gel Envy Line brushes are double brushes. When I first tried Gel Envy I was not the biggest fan of the new thicker brushes but once I used them a few times I warmed up to them. Gel envy is not really a gel so you don't need a special light for curing them. They are gel like, meaning they are supposed to be more durable and give you a longer wear time. Revlon has built in a base coat so you can skip that step but it does come with Gel Envy top coat that is meant to work with all of the colors in the line up providing maximum longevity. I decided I would do as recommended, so I wore the matching Gel Envy top coat. The formula for Showtime was fantastic, easy to use and opaque in two coats. On the nail it's definitely a burple girls. The number of times I was asked to clarify if my nails were blue or purple was a bit comical to be honest.In some light they even flashed a touch red. Oooh, do it again! But as my daughter liked to remind her brother, I'm not the boss of it, so It didn't listen. When it did happen it was a pleasant surprise. I'm definitely feeling the richer and deeper colors lately and that's a sure sign that the season is coming to an end but I found Showtime a great transitional color. No way to pigeon hole this beauty. In spite of my initial misgivings about straying away from my regular top coat I was quite pleased that the Gel Envy was glossy, but the dry time was slower then my fast drying top coat. I'm usually in a hurry so the speed at which my polish dries is very high on my priority list but as most people would rather have longevity from their manicure the wait might be worth it as the Gel Envy line is designed to work best when paired together. I would love to hear from you and your experiences with Gel Envy. Drop me a line here on the blog or through email or Instagram!

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