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Deep, Dark And Devastatingly Beautiful!

Finger Paints Fathom Blue

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My breath caught a little when, on my last trip into Sally's I came across Finger Paints Fathom Blue. It's a limited edition for fall and as far as I have heard, is only available until October. In the bottle it looked like a duo chrome with a blue and purple shimmer. I knew I had to have it the moment I saw it. I was positively giddy like I just won the lottery with this find. It was super hot and humid when I purchased it, so I decided I would wait to wear it as soon as it got a little cooler. I was not about to ruin something this pretty with bubbles in my polish. Looking at my nails today it was worth every second of waiting. Deep navy blue filled with a galaxy of blue shimmer that's swoon worthy! It's very dark but not to the point where it gets mistaken for black and that sapphire blue shimmer just takes my breath away. Yes I love this color. I was a little sad that the duo chrome in the bottle only makes a mild appearance. I found the formula a touch on the thick side but not difficult to work with by any means. It's a fast dry formula and I generally find those to be thicker. Personally I did not think that it dried super fast but to be fair I did not give it very long before applying top coat so I could take a picture. I was a bit excited to post it so commenting on the dry time is not very fair at this point. The formula is incredibly pigmented and a one coat wonder. I applied two coats because I wanted to see if the second coat deepens the color but I found that it did not. The second coat was entirely for curiosity's sake. I will only apply one coat next time. By the end of the week I'm certain it will be on my toes as well. I own a handful of Finger Paints polishes but most of them are glitter toppers. I have liked the other polishes from finger paints that I have tried but Fathom Blue has really captured my attention so I am very curious to see what else they have out there. You definitely don't want to miss this one!

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