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Zoya Evergreen

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Evergreen is another polish from the Zoya Ultra Brights collection. I have tried two of them, loving the first one Mirajane but I wasn't very impressed by the second one I tried, Bisca. I did not feel that I gave this collection a fair chance and it has been on my mind. It's been a while since I wore a green polish and that was my reason for choosing Evergreen. I applied a white base coat to my nails and allowed it to completely dry before starting. Right from the first coat I was not happy. It's not a cream it's not a jelly but somewhere in the middle. I really hate saying this because I had hoped that Evergreen would be good but it feels like the formula is about to start congealing. It's not a fun polish to paint your nails with. It went on very patchy, and you are looking at three coats in the picture with top coat. I debated not even posting it because nothing I did could or would make this polish look good. I took it off right after taking the picture. I have always tried to find the silver lining in every cloud but when I started Nailvanna, I committed myself to truthful and unbiased reviews in order to help all of you make the best decisions about your polishes and your nails. I know that some of you may be considering buying this hot mess and I can't in good faith let you go ahead without warning you about it. I feel Zoya really dropped the ball with Evergreen. I have only tried three of the six in the Ultra Brights collection and I was in love with the first one I tried. For now I have put the last three away. I may pull them out at another time but at this point I just can't bring myself to do it. I have seen the new fall collection but have not picked it up yet. I hope that it's a lot better than the summer collection has been so far. Zoya is one of the brands that I get excited to try because they have, in the past made some of my favorite polishes. I am not dismissing them solely based on one bad collection because no one is perfect but I have to admit that I tend to hold a company that has traditionally done great things to a higher standard. I feel that they owe it to their customers and fans alike. Fall is almost here and provides us all with a new opportunity to change, which is after all what fall is all about! Here is hoping that Zoya can turn over a new leaf!

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