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This polish left me feeling a little holo.

Color Club You Got Soul-ar.

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Summer is not over yet and I am not willing to give up on the neons that are so perfect for the season. Color Club You Got Soul-ar has the perfect combination of what a girl needs for a wicked summer manicure. While retailers are falling over each other promoting their new fall

merchandise I am painting my nails with glitter infused tangerine orange that screams summer isn't over! Why should we kiss this season goodbye so swiftly, it barely started. You Got Soul-ar has a smooth easy to use formula. I needed three coats to reach opacity as it is on the sheer side but since the formula is great building it up was quite easy. The bottle leads you to believe that You Got Soul-ar is more glitter heavy than it really is on the nail. The walls of my bottle were coated with holographic glitter. On my nails it was like a much less dense glitter coverage

and didn't feel or look like a true holo. The glitter is not very glitter and just doesn't sparkle the way I expected it to. The glitter is a bit on the chunky side causing the polish to be a touch textured when it dries. I wanted smooth and glossy, so I added top coat before taking a picture. It was a bit disappointing not seeing the sparkles I was expecting but I took a step back and found my manicure very satisfying. You will still get a flash of holo here and there it's just not blinding. It all depends on the lighting. I know I'm probably confusing you so let's clear this up. I like You Got Soul-ar and would recommend it. It was just not at all what I expected after looking at the bottle, so it took me a minute to wrap my head around it. It's sheer and I think this would look great on top of a red base. I'm going to have to try that next time!

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