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Pure As The Driven Snow!

L'Oreal Blanc De Lune

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L’Oréal Le Vernis à L’Huile by Colour Riche Blanc De Lune but I'm going to call it white... seriously ridiculous name if you ask me. Luckily I loved this little quilted looking bottle enough to brave another one of the oil infused polishes. I tried Rouge Sauvage first from this collection and found out that the oil they use to infuse the nail polish has a scent while it's drying. I am not usually fussy and at first I did not mind it but it did get to me eventually. I was reminded of sour cherry candy... If you are fan of that you will be fine, I just don't enjoy it. I had hoped Blanc De Lune would be different but it had the same scent. I'm still looking for a white that I'm completely satisfied with so a little odor was not going to hold me back. It does not linger the whole time you are wearing the polish. I found it was pretty noticeable as my polish was drying but since I paint my nails in the evening most of the smell dissipated as my polish cured overnight. The formula itself has a great consistency and is well pigmented though I was still not totally sold on the brush. I am sure that if I use it a few more times it will probably grow on me. It's a bit thicker than I like them but it does have a nice curve to it. I applied two layers of polish, the first one was a bit patchy but the second one evened things out nicely. Blanc De Lune dried nice and shiny, just as L'Oreal advertises. Adding a layer of top coat was pretty much out of habit. Well I say out of habit but since I use a fast drying top coat it does accelerate the trying process as well. I'm not good with waiting. This polish is a clean and crisp white and if you are just looking for a white polish this will do nicely. The infusion of oil is supposed to help improve the look and feel of your nails by keeping them moisturized so that is a definite bonus. I don't feel that this polish will be very suitable as a base for nail art because it is a little too squishy. Usually that is a good thing because it tends to make a polish look very attractive. You want something with a bit less volume though for nail art to allow you to layer and not look like you are making an attempt at polish mountain. If you are looking for a clean and flattering white this just might be the polish for you.


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