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Pure Ice Wear Red

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Pure Ice Wear Red is a bit more coral than a true red but you are not going to hear one word of complaint about it from me because I'm liking it. I don't think I own anything else quite this shade. I've been wanting to try another polish from Pure Ice because I had a great experience with Good Glistener and finding an inexpensive polish that does not cause me grief is always welcome. I did not feel that the name really reflected the color of the polish at all and I wondered if my bottle was mislabeled but I checked the other bottles on the shelf when I bought it and all of labels were the same. I found the application easy but the formula is on the thin side. Nothing catastrophic but a bit of finesse is required to avoid flooding your cuticles. I applied three coats for opacity followed by top coat. Wear Red feels like such a great color and I think it would look great with a chunky grey sweater in the fall as well as your aqua sundress in the summer. It's one of those colors that regardless of season will fit into any wardrobe. The longer I had it on the more I liked it. I used to feel that cream polishes were a bit on the boring side but I find a clean and glossy manicure very modish especially if your outfit has a vibrant flare. I picked up a few more of colors from Pure Ice to play with and I have to admit I am looking forward to trying them.

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