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All Sapphired Up!

Essie Loot The Booty

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Essie Loot The Booty was described as a radiant blue sapphire pavé. It was a pleasant surprise to see the shimmer from the bottle transfer so well to the polished nail. Essie makes some of my favorite polishes but on more than one occasion I chose a polish because of the shimmer and once my mani was done I was shimmer-less. Loot The Booty released this summer is one of my new favorite treasures in my collection. The formula was nicely pigmented and two smooth coats was all I needed for perfect coverage. I added my usual top coat before taking this picture. The shimmer is soft and subtle but has enough intensity that it is not easy to miss. It catches the sun perfectly and I can understand why they chose to describe it as a sapphire pavé. I love that the blue is intense and deep like the gemstone but not dark so regardless of the season this will be an easy color choice for your manicure or pedicure time after time. Blue nail polish is notorious for staining nails and since I am a blue junkie when it comes to nail polish I do have experience on this matter. I have learned that you should never skip the base coat and I very rarely do. Not only will a good base provide you with a barrier to prevent your nail from staining, if you choose one that is right for your nail type it will also give your polish a smooth and flawless base and in the end your manicure will look sleek and foxy. With some blues I may even apply two layers of base coat because as much as I love blue nail polish I do not want blue stained nails. I did not notice any staining with Loot The Booty but I would recommend careful application so you do not get any on your cuticles because I have a feeling that it may stain a little being a very well pigmented polish. The formula makes application very easy though making it a true treasure. I am loving the Summer 2016 from Essie and encourage you to pick them up before they vanish.

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