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Orly Summer Sunset

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Orly Summer Sunset was released for Summer 2016 Pacific Coast Highway Collection. Sun kissed orange with a strong shimmer that does not require much coaxing to bring out the glow. I'm glad they added this shimmer to it because gives it has a lovely summer vibe and without this it may be just a bit too much pumpkin. The formula is smooth and easy to apply but a touch on the sheer side so I have to apply three coats for opacity. I added a glossy top coat before snapping a picture. I found that this polish leans a bit more towards the yellows and doesn't compliment my skin tone, but some of you are lucky enough to pull this off without looking the slightest bit green. I must admit I am a little jealous of your complexion every time I wear a shade like this but it's superficial. I love how fresh and juicy this color is and the formula being user friendly just adds to the appeal. I have been eyeing my polish stash and I'm just about ready for the deeper fall shades and that was my intention when I was picking today's polish but Summer Sunset caught my attention and I forgot all about my desire to pick a darker color. I got a little derailed and I enjoyed it. Many of the summer shades are on sale this time of year as retailers are starting to stock for the next season so it's the perfect time to pick up a bottle, or ten if you're like me from the summer releases. Happy shopping!

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