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Going Down In Flames!

Sally Hansen Hunger Flames

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Sally Hansen Hunger Flames has been on my review list for quite some time. The Miracle Gel line is promoted as the #1 zero light gel system that gives you up to 14 days of color and shine. Since I change my polish daily I can't really test longevity so I received some help from my bff. Hunger Flames is a gorgeous royal purple. As instructed by the manufacturer I did not apply base coat just two layers of polish on my clean nails followed with the recommended Miracle Gel top coat. It was a rocky start right off the bat because I did not like the formula. It was thicker than I expected and right away I could tell that this baby was ruled by brush strokes. I tried to minimize the brush strokes as much as I could but the formula made it difficult. I wore my mani for a full day and I had no issues with chipping or tip wear at all just slight irritation over the brush strokes. My bff's did not have fun with Hunger Flames as her nail polish started chipping the same day! She was a trooper though and began again from scratch the next day. Two thin coats of Hunger Flames flowed by one coat of Miracle Gel top coat on bare clean nails. Same results! She had chipped nails within hours. Her nail chemistry was not compatible with the Miracle Gel line. We tested another color on her and she had the same results. Any time a company makes claims that their formula is super awesome and it's going to last forever and ever without chipping I can't help but roll my eyes and think whatever! You want to sell me more nail polish? Make me super awesome glitters and colors that I cannot live without. Longevity is just a bonus. OK I get I'm getting a little worked up but Sally Hansen started it. I don't recommend Hunger Flames because I was not thrilled with the formula but some of the other Miracle Gel colors look amazing and I will be trying them as well. If you are one of the lucky people who has the perfect body chemistry to get 14 days of wear out of this polish congratulations. If that is not the case don't get mad, it's just an opportunity to change things up. Sally Hansen polishes have been old friends, as long as I have been painting my nails. It's affordable and reliable most of the time but they cannot make all of us happy at the same time but they try! I can't help but cut them a little slack.

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