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Zoya Bisca

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Zoya Bisca is from the new Ultra Brights collection and was the second color I chose to try from the set. I loved Mirajane. I mean I REALLY was absolutely smitten with the color so I had high expectations for Bisca. Just as with Mirjane I started with Zoya's Purity for my white base. The first coat was a wishy washy pink because the formula is pretty sheer but it seemed to me it would be quite easy to build up. It was smooth to apply, it's just very thin and you will need to have the white base perfect beneath it because any imperfections like a bubble in the base will show through. My first coat dried quick and matte. The second coat gave me a slightly better color saturation but as I waited a couple of minutes for my polish to dry I decided to double check the bottle. I wondered if maybe the second coat I applied was Erza by mistake, an orange from the collection I had not worn yet. Nope, Erza was across the room with the rest of my pretties so there was no way I mixed them up but my nails were looking more orange than the hot pink that I was expecting. I figured in for a penny.... and I applied a third coat of Bisca. I was still confused looking at my orange nails then at the bottle of polish that looked pinkish coral and described by Zoya as a hot pink neon creme. This polish is definitely not hot pink and not really a creme either since we are on the topic. It's far too sheer and I probably should have added a fourth coat for opacity but I was not having all that much fun. I usually love Zoya but to be honest Bisca, I found disappointing. The color is pretty but it's a cross between coral and orange not the advertised neon hot pink. It's bright but not quite a neon in my opinion. My camera makes it seem brighter than it is in person. In this picture I am wearing three coats with top coat and you can tell on my ring finger that it is not 100% opaque. What happened Zoya? Someone in the quality assurance department was sleeping on the job I think. As much as I love Zoya I am going to recommend you skip this one.

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