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Zoya Purity

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Zoya Purity has caught my eye and as many of you know I am on a quest to find the perfect white. When Zoya released the Ultra Brights Safe Neons Summer 2016 collection I had the another opportunity to review Purity. I have already posted the amazing Mirajane from the Ultra Brights but thought I better reign myself in because that collection needs a good white base so that should be the starting point. Purity is a straight up creme polish. The formula is a bit thick so it was almost a one coater but not quite. Maybe if I had applied it a little heavier it could have been done in one coat but then you would be at the mercy of those dreadful bubbles. I was not about to let them ruin my day so I did two thin coats. If it was not the middle of summer here with humidity high enough to ruin your best hair day I would have gone ahead with a thicker coat to see what happens but right now it's just not an option. I find that any time it's this humid if I do not apply very thin coats of polish my mani will bubble. Purity is a very stark white and I am guessing it is the reason Zoya is recommending it as a base coat for their new neon collection. There is not a touch of warmth to this polish and if you need a white base for a neon or nail art it's a great choice. The formula is self leveling which is important when it's a thicker polish. Purity is also very pigmented so I have a feeling it could be put to use as a stamping polish as well but I have not tested that yet. I applied two coats with top coat for this picture. I don't feel that my search for the holy grail of whites has ended but I don't feel like Purity is a bad choice at all.

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