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China Glaze Japanese Koi

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China Glaze Japanese Koi is a bright one! Neon orange so bright and loud that it's distracting. One of the reasons I reached for this polish was because of how much I loved wearing Pool Party which is also from China Glaze. This may have started a bit of a neon obsession for me. I love bright and vibrant nails but that one turned me into a bit of a neon monster. I applied a white base coat to my nails and allowed them to dry before I started painting my nails with Japanese Koi. With neons if you are not willing to put in a little extra work with a white base coat you will find yourself frustrated and wondering if you wasted your money on a bad polish because the color will not be as vibrant and you will need several more coats for opacity. I assure you though that the extra work is worth it! Yes some of the newer neons are pigmented enough to allow you to skip that step and I am grateful for that but a good number of them need the right canvas. The formula for this one is just as demanding. It is a bit thin but not runny. It was quick and easy to apply the three coats I needed for opacity and it dried very quickly. It's a dull finish that most neons have but a quick coat of glossy top coat and I was ready to stop traffic. It's one of those bright polishes that I tell you to go get your sunglasses for, brighter than a traffic cone girls and I am not kidding one bit. This is safety orange and has none of the pink of Pool Party, it's a much more pure orange. They are both wicked neon's though and choosing one over the other is strictly personal preference. My honest opinion is why torture yourself? Get both!

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