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ILNP Sweet Pea

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,ILNP,Sweet Pea,nude

ILNP Sweet Pea is from the Spring 2016 collection. I had not posted it yet because I have been wrapped up in the bright and fun summer colors. I wanted something a bit softer but still sparkly today to change things up. My first thought was ILNP Sand Baby that was released this spring as well but then I realized Sweet Pea was still waiting untested and it felt like it would be a good choice for today. From the first brush stroke I knew that just like every other ILNP I have had the pleasure of wearing the formula was superb. It's a jelly polish so it is sheer but was so easy to handle that the only thing that would make this polish easier to handle would be to have it paint your nails on its own. It quite literally just glides on your nails coating it perfectly. Even though it is a jelly I found the opacity satisfying. I applied two coats that left a slightly visible nail line that was soft and very feminine so I decided against adding a third coat. This nude had a hint of seashell pink and is filled with intense holographic sparkle. Indoors it was soft and pretty with a bit of glitter, but outside in the sun the holographic sparkle was quite dazzling. Sweet Pea dries shiny and has so much depth that you will find your eyes keep being drawn to your nails over and over. In the sun those sparkles just about sing but not in an obscene way. This color is just perfect for the conservative office or drinks with the girls and everywhere in between. ILNP has done it again and is one of those brands that I have a handful of polishes from but it's never enough. I wish I had them all. It's good to want things! What's on your wish list?

Nailvanna,nail polish reviews,lacquer,ILNP,Sweet Pea,nude

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