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Everyone Loves A Happy Ending!

Sinful Colors Happy Ending

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Sinful Colors Happy Ending is a fresh clean green with a delicate gold shimmer through it. I was not expecting this much awesome out if this little bottle. I was sitting on the fence trying to decide on a polish to wear. I have so many to choose from so what's the problem? I entertained the thought for a moment to let Mr. Nailvanna choose just for fun to see what he picks but any time I go down that road he gets an evil little twinkle in his eyes and I was just not ready for that kind of mischief tonight. I looked at my untried polishes and picked out Happy Ending mostly because I wanted something cooler. The formula was a little thin but not once did it run or flood my cuticles and was surprisingly opaque. I only needed to apply two coats for opacity then followed it up with top coat. At first glance I did not think the name suited it but that thought was fleeting. It did not take me long to associate it with The Frog Prince from The Brothers Grimm. The Disney version of it titled The Princess and The Frog is one of my little girls favorites. In Grimm's version the Princess has a golden ball she loses in a pond and that is what the gold shimmer reminded me of. I could picture a little green frog swimming to retrieve it for the Princess. I love it when nail polish does this! I set out just to paint my nails, and I end up in fairy tale land. Everyone loves a Happy Ending! and most of you will love that Sinful Colors is such an easy to find brand and inexpensive as well, so you can pick up as many as you wan't in whatever colors that catch your fantasy!

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