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Essie On The List

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Essie On The List is from he new Gel Couture line and I was very excited to try this one on. I'll admit it, I have purchased nail polish before just based on the shape of the bottle because I love unique bottles. As soon as I saw the shape of the new Essie line I knew it would be on the list of nail polish must haves for my collection. It took longer than I expected it to but I finally came across a display and scooped it up. I promised my girl at the post office I would be posting it soon but somehow I got on a roll with all of the summer releases and it slipped my mind. I was picking up another package... yes it was nail polish... and she mentioned that she had not seen me post any of the Gel Couture yet. She has not been the only one asking me about this either so I knew it was time to play with Essie. I sat down and admired the new bottle a little. I love that it's still the iconic Essie bottle just with a twist...pun totally intended. The brush also got a makeover, it's wider and a bit flat. The idea behind it seems to be that it will allow you to paint your nails with fewer strokes. I'm a fan of the narrow brushes to be honest even though my nails are a pretty average width. I feel that they give me more control. My girls with the narrower nail beds did not love the new brush as they found it a little bit harder to control where the polish goes but they did get the hang of it, as did I. The formula for On The List is excellent and has a great consistency and opacity. I applied the two standard coats followed by the top coat. It was shiny and this shade of pink has a touch of coral though in the store it looked more tangerine and was the reason I chose it. I was not disappointed with the color however as I love a good pink. I also used the Gel Couture top coat with it even though I was a bit apprehensive. I rarely stray from my favorite Essie Gel Setter but I was quite happy with how quick and shiny my nails dried, though I feel Gel Setter has a better shine and looks squishier. Since I don't keep my polish on for very long I cannot confirm or deny that it will really last for two weeks chip free as Essie claims. I would love to hear from you about that. I still have my theory that nail polish longevity really depends on your body chemistry. Based on the formula and color I would very much like to try a few more colors from this line. It does not appear to be just another pretty bottle.

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