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Summertime Blue!

KB Shimmer Suit The Breeze

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KB Shimmer Suit The Breeze is the last one from the Summer 2016 collection and it was not to be kept waiting any longer. A gorgeous periwinkle blue with shimmery pink and violet micro flakes make it one of the prettiest blue polishes I own. The formula was smooth and easy to apply but it was a bit sheer so opacity took three coats, but who is counting? I added my standard layer of top coat before taking a picture. It's vibrant and beautiful and I love this color! I always look forward to trying KB Shimmer because I find that the polishes are always great quality and the colors and glitters unique. Even when a color is not to my liking I can see why it would appeal to someone else. This whole collection was pretty awesome and I was planing on letting you guys know my favorites from it but I am really struggling with that. I must admit that the first glimpse of One Night Sand in the sun left me speechless for a moment it was a real stunner. Good Reef! was my least favorite formula but it was just incredibly beautiful and I will wear it again. Neon Me was so much fun to wear and I have had more people message me about how to find it than just about anything else I have ever posted. What I am trying to say is that I don't think you can go wrong with any of the polishes from this collection. I say follow your heart and pick up the ones that appeal to you the most because none of the will disappoint you.

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