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L'Oreal Rouge Sauvage

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L'Oreal Rouge Sauvage is in such a pretty bottle and it caught my attention while we were out shopping and I'm not saying I needed the encouragement to buy it but I had help. I was planing on red nails today and what a coincidence I have a brand new red to try! The official name of the collection: L’Oréal Le Vernis à L’Huile by Colour Riche. Big name.... They go on to say that this is their first line of nail polish enriched with a blend of precious oils, for the most intense color and shine in one stroke. My first reaction to oil infused nail polish was "oh no!". It was a knee jerk reaction because we all know what happens when you moisturize your hands and forget to clean your nails before you start painting them. If you have never done that then good for you! I have once or twice because I got distracted but it was a good experience for learning what not to do. Your nail polish will not adhere to your nails or you will end up with a bubbly mess. Either way you wasted your time and possibly ruined your bottle of polish if any lotion transferred into the bottle from the brush. So that is where my head first went but then I thought that if oil paint sticks to the canvas just fine and I did not believe L'Oreal would really try to sell us something that would not stick to our nails. I painted a thin coat on and was pretty happy with the opacity and the color. Its a classic timeless red that pulls a bit orange that gives it a rich and beautiful depth. Because my first coat was thin a second coat was necessary. I was giving the first layer a few minutes to dry when I thought I smelled something.... I sniffed my nails and they smell like those sour cherry balls. Odd... I thought it was just me so I asked Mr. Nailvanna to smell my nails. He looked at me like I was nuts but he did it. Nope I am not crazy so I am guessing that the oils they use to infuse the polish give it a scent. Once my nails were completely dry the scent did fade. Rouge Sauvage dries really nice and glossy but I added top coat once I applied the second coat. The brush is wide and fan shaped and I found myself struggling a bit with it. I have always preferred the thinner brushes but you might find it works great for you. I am wondering if the other ones will smell too? I guess I will just have to find out! If you are looking for a pretty red then you might want to give Rouge Sauvage a try. I can't comment about the oil content in the polish and whether or not it will contribute to healthier nails, that would take weeks of wearing in order to figure out if it works. I am interested in any feedback that you ladies may have about this polish feature so drop me an email and let me know what your experience has been.

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