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Sally Hansen White On

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I have been on a bit of a white kick lately and Ironically I called my review of Essie's Blanc, White On. I kept thinking that I had seen that name before. After looking through my collection I came across White On by Sally Hansen and I knew instantly why it had come to mind. I figured that the only fair thing to do would be to review it! From the first stroke it did not feel right. It's a thick and chalky formula that was not much fun to apply and though it does self level somewhat, it's just a pain. I let the first coat dry for about ten minutes before going back for the second coat, to try and avoid bubbling. I planned to see this mani through no matter what. The second coat was just as unpleasant as the first and upon close scrutiny I could see bubbling. If you are working with thick polish you are more than likely going to get bubbles regardless of the humidity. I gave it another ten minutes, applied my top coat and took a picture for you guys. My Essie Gel Setter top coat is the hero in this review because it camouflaged all the bubbles to the point where not even the unforgiving lens of my camera could detect it. I would much rather focus on the positive as you may have noticed from some of my other reviews. I know that sometimes a dud is a dud but even this hot mess has a silver lining. The opacity is pretty decent. I noticed that on the first coat I applied it was not as streaky as many of the other whites out there, making White On a decent and inexpensive stamping polish. There are a few nail art techniques it could lend itself well to actually.

Lil Miss. Nailvanna was itching for a new mani because she seems to have lost every trace of polish that was on her nails playing in the sandbox. One coat of White On was enough to prep her nails and we had a bit of fun playing with a striper and some glitter.

Her mani turned out well and is pretty cute, which is a miracle considering that she talked non stop and her legs just about never stop moving. She is either the Queen of Fidgeting or the Princess of impatience, I can't decide. She was very pleased, and that was my goal. I only applied one coat of White On to her little nails so you can see it really is pigmented. The bottom line is I really would not recommend this if you are looking for a good white polish. As an inexpensive stamping or nail art polish it's worth the money especially since the specialty ones usually cost a pretty penny. Sally Hansen has some great polishes but I feel they missed the mark with this one.

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