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Formula X Drawn To You

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Drawn to You by Formula X for Sephora has a golden green micro-glitter base with a generous amount of emerald green hex glitters. This was picked out my Mr. Nailvanna when we stopped in Sephora while at the mall recently. He quite often points out a nail polish that catches his eye and seldom if ever do I not pick it up. He is a fan of the greens and since I enjoy them as well it's a win win situation. The base color Drawn To You is really cool. In some light it looked more silver than green and in others it looked almost gold. The hex glitter gives it a 3D effect without feeling rough. One layer of top coat had it nice and smooth. The formula is great and I did not have to fish to get the larger bits of glitter out. I applied three coats of the polish to get to an opacity I was happy with because it is on the sheer side. I usually find that a bit irritating but I found that Drawn To You applied much the same way that a jelly polish would. The layers really added a depth to the polish that allowed the glitter to shine through, which I found very rewarding. At first I felt that this was more like a polish for spring or maybe even Christmas, rather than summer. The way the glitter caught and reflected the sun convinced me that this is an any time of the year polish! It's a welcome addition to my collection and I encourage you to pick it up as well. Removal was the painful part of the process but I was ready for it. The last time we talked about removing glitter I told you that sometimes I use a little bowl of acetone and let the polish soak for a couple of minutes, then use an old makeup brush to clean it off. You can also use nail polish to remove nail polish as well and it can be quite effective, leaving only a bit of residue and requiring very little remover. I use an inexpensive top coat that I have laying around for the job, just make sure you are not reaching for a fast drying topper. Start by painting a generous layer of it on top of the polish you want to remove, wait 30 seconds and wipe it off with a tissue. I find that this does not work with all polishes so it will take a bit of trial and error. When it works, it's pretty awesome. Not having to expose your delicate cuticles to the harsh drying effects of acetone is also beneficial. If you try this method I recommend doing one hand at a time because you do not want to give the polish you are using as a remover time to dry. Remember to leave it on just long enough to permeate your polish so you can wipe it off. You can then clean up the remaining polish with acetone, it's very easy and so handy if you are low on remover.

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