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KB Shimmer Good Reef!

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KB Shimmer Good Reef! is the second last polish I am trying from the Summer 2016 collection. I did not choose the polishes in any particular order, I just tried to go with what I was in the mood for. I find that it's a lot more fun that way since painting your nails should always be a rewarding and fun experience. Good Reef! is a light pinkish coral color with a blue and pink shimmer that pops in certain lighting. Of all the KB Shimmer formulas I have reviewed so far this has been my least favorite. The consistency was good but it needed three coats for opacity before I could finish it off with a layer of top coat, because it was patchy. The pastel formulas are quite often tricky and KB Shimmer makes no secret of this. I like that it is clearly stated on their website. I give KB Shimmer full marks for her honesty and I loved that she didn't try to sweep it under the rug. She lets everyone know exactly what they are getting. It dispels false expectations and continues to build trust with her customers. As I said the formula was not my favorite but it was not disastrous. Keep in mind that you will need three coats instead of the standard two and it's smooth sailing. That delicate purple shimmer was gorgeous! and worth every second that it took to go that extra mile. The bottom line is that while Good Reef! will require a little extra effort, the beautiful color will get you plenty of compliments which will always make it worth your time!

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