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A England Waltz Of The Flowers

A England Waltz Of The Flowers is the final polish from this summer's Russian Soul collection. I left it for last because I had a feeling that this might be my favorite polish in this collection and I was not wrong. It's a light blue purple multi chrome with hints of lilac with a beautiful holo finish. Waltz Of The Flowers was the least opaque of the collection but maybe that touch of translucency is what gives this polish the depth that I have fallen head over heels in love with. Before I started paining my nails with it I took a peek out the windows to ensure it was a sunny day. If it was raining I would have put this one off because I really wanted to be able to fully appreciate the holographic effect on my nails. Satisfied that it was bright and sunny, I sat down and prepped my nails before painting them. The formula has an amazing consistency in true A England fashion and glided on my nails like butter. I applied three coats for opacity before adding top coat and taking my usual picture indoors. I had restrained myself long enough I thought and popped outside to appreciate my mani in the sun and I was not disappointed one bit. The holo is soft but very beautiful. I decided I was taking my camera outside, in the sun the multi chrome is much more prominent and I was hopping to capture the holo goodness. I took two steps outside just as the sun was covered up and there were clouds in the sky! I took a few quick pictures but was not satisfied with the way they turned out. I decided to wait and spent some time scrolling through Instagram. Mother nature must have been feeling some mani envy because the sun would come out for 10 seconds just to vanish again as soon as I had my polish in hand, ready to take the picture.

Finally after patiently waiting, I was able to snap this quick picture and you can see how fine the holo mist is in Waltz Of The Flowers. As you can see it's soft but prominent. I love that you can also see the color shift of the polish as well from blue to purple to grey. I was absolutely right. This is definitely my hands down favorite polish from this collection though I am very thankful that I have all five! If you have not had a chance to read my reviews for A England yet you can find them here. I cannot wait to see what Adina Bodana comes up with next.

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