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Ground Control To Major Tiffy.

Color Club Space Case

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Color Club Space Case was a surprise, not because I received it as a gift but because I came across it in my untried drawer, and I had no recollection at all buying it. I'm usually very accurate when it comes to keeping track of what I own, even if I haven't worn it yet. Looking at the bottle I was not overly impressed with the shade of pink but since the holo glitter looked pretty I felt it had promise. The formula was easy, smooth and the consistency was spot on. Because of the texture of the glitter I was expecting it to be a bit thicker. I was still not sure about the shade of pink, maybe it seemed a bit dull because I have been wearing so many neons lately. I did not relish how chunky the glitter is in this polish as it dried down. My nails were looking lumpy..I applied two coats of polish for the picture and two coats of top coat to smooth this baby out as this was not a textured polish just a funky formula. Overall I have to say this really isn't a bad polish. I think I was just surprised by the thickness of the glitter. Manicure complete, I went on about my day but I kept catching myself checking my polish out. OK yes I am always aware of my polish because I know I am going to be writing about it so I do check on it frequently but this time I kept thinking something about this polish is so familiar. I was typing away at work when it hit me! I realized my nails were a perfect match to the Barbie bathtub! I used to babysit a little girl when I was a teenager and she loved Barbie and her parents indulged her obsession. She had a tonne of Barbie furniture (possibly all of it) and I used to watch her play with it when I took care of her. My nail polish reminded me of the Barbie bathroom set she had....ok so I remember the glittery pink tub but I don't recall a toilet bowl and doubt that Barbie would have any use for it anyways. As soon as I made that connection I seem to have become much more fond of my polish. I loved that little girl and I guess that I may be a bit sentimental. It was a really nice little trip down memory lane, and If you are reading this Tiffy I hope all of your dreams have come true! I am glad I picked this polish up though for the life of me I still can't remember when or where. It's a good thing I love surprises!

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