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White On!

Essie Blanc

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I have posted a few different white polishes so far in my quest for the perfect white.

Yesterdays review of Celtic Sun had a few of you asking me what I used for a base. My choice for a white undie for yesterday's manicure was Essie Blanc. I usually reach for this polish when I need a white base coat for several reasons. The first one is that it's pretty much opaque in two coats. If I plan on wearing it on it's own then I might consider adding a third one but that really depends in the thickness of the layers. Pictured above I am wearing two coats with top coat and I have nothing peeking through. Blanc dries pretty shiny on it's own and thin too making it a perfect base for those bright neons or nail art alike. I don't usually enjoy it when my nail polish feels very thick on my nails not to mention how fast that baby is going to chip. Nothing frustrates me more than doing my nails and having it chip an hour later. Blanc I believe is one of the last shades around from the original collection that Essie started with in 1982 and I do love that bit of history about it. The formula is thin but not runny. I find the first coat is a bit translucent and patchy but the second coat evens things out. If you are layering another color on top of it you will not need more than two coats. The drying time is pretty decent as well so you do not have to wait too long before you can start adding to it. I also like wearing it on it's own as this is a nice crisp white and I have used it for french manicure tips in the past with success. I still find myself wishing that white polishes would have a formulas like the reds. Reds are usually a dream to paint and rarely streak. Blanc is no slouch though so if you are eyeing some of those pretty summer shades that will need a white base to bring out the best in them then I would absolutely recommend picking this shade up!

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