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KB Shimmer Raises The Bar On Pink!

KB Shimmer How Low Can You Flamingo?

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KB Shimmer How Low Can You Flamingo? With this polish everyone is a limbo champ as KB Shimmer raises the bar with this hot pink cream polish from her summer collection that is almost a neon! This is one of those formulas that makes painting my nails a very enjoyable experience. It has a smooth and effortless application with the consistency of a crelly that leveled like a dream and dried shiny. I applied two coats for opacity followed that with top coat. How Low Can You Flamingo? really is flamingo pink just as the name would have you believe. I don't own a pink flamingo but I'm seriously thinking maybe I should! Not a real live bird... just the garden decoration. Up until this point I have never considered getting one as I much prefer garden gnomes in the garden, with their wrinkly little faces and goofy smiles. The flamingos always made me think of strange old ladies who wear rhinestone covered sunglasses and call everyone honey. I Think I would like to be one of those crazy old ladies one day but with really cool nail polish. This was such a great polish that you should definitely give it a try! I still have a couple more bottles of the Summer 2016 collection from KB Shimmer waiting for me and I am definitely looking forward to reviewing them!

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