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All That Glitters!

KB Shimmer Gull, Get Real!

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KB Shimmer Gull,Get Real totally fulfilled my fix for glitter. Not only did I wear it on my nails but little miss mini me is sporting this fabulous purple glitter on her toes. If she did not already have freshly painted nails just before I pulled Gull, Get Real out it would probably have ended up on all her little digits. But since she had been practicing her application skills on her own nails and they were still drying, toes it was. I might be a little bit evil because as far as she knows when you paint your nails you need to behave and not run around while your nails dry for ....oh I don't know.... about an hour...maybe two. The day she discovers fast drying top coat I might have some explaining to do but for now I am milking it. We both loved the sparkle and dazzle that Gull, Get Real has. A light, grey toned purple polish with micro holo and metallic flakes from the Summer 2016 collection. The amazing formula needed two thin coats for opacity. I added my usual layer of top coat before taking the picture. Just like it's sister in this collection One Night Sand, this polish not only comes alive in the sun but has a flat out riot on your nails. The combination of holo and metallic flakes is wicked! Sunglasses are definitely recommended. These are the kinds of glitter I live for! Having a bad day? This is the answer! It make little difference weather you are folding laundry or stuck cleaning the kitchen, the bright glints of glitter sparkling on the tips of your fingers will give you a little thrill every time you glimpse it. If you have read this far and haven't picked yours up yet ... I would definitely recommend giving this polish a try!

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