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Essie I Love It!

Essie Viva Antigua!

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Essie Viva Antigua! from the new Essie Summer 2016 collection caught my attention and I was intrigued with the color right away but I was a little skeptical of the shimmer. I love Essie and have more than a few in my collection. However more than once I have picked up a bottle of polish because I loved the shimmer in the bottle only to find that it didn't show on my manicure. Still, the color said buy me and by now you may realize I listen to those little voices, seldom do they lead me astray. I let the bottle sit a few days on my desk glancing at it every once in a while knowing I would have to wear it sooner rather than later but kept wondering about that shimmer. As soon as I started painting my nails I knew we had a winner! I couldn't have been happier about it. The formula has a great consistency making it very easy to manipulate and levels very well, so a smooth manicure is just about guaranteed. I used two coats and had perfect opacity with the cherry on top....a brilliant shimmer! Top coat highlighted the shimmer even more! I was ecstatic to say the least. Viva Antigua! is a beautiful deep shade of turquoise filled with iridescent micro crystals and has immediately turned into one of my new favorite

polishes for this summer. You need to see this on in the sun girls. Have I told you yet about how much I love the collections that have been released this summer? You do not need to be a nail polish connoisseur to appreciate the range of colors, shimmers and glitters. Viva nail polish!

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