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Zoya Tomoko

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Zoya Tomoko is a texture matte Pixie Dust. I have found that the Zoya Pixie Dust line has really changed the way I feel about textured polishes. I really did not enjoy the gritty feel that a textured polish has but now it does not even phase me. I believed that it would chip faster than a glossy polish and expected less sparkles. I was also picturing in my head all of the things I would probably snag my nails on because of the texture. None of those things are true. Once again I had an amazing experience with a textured polish. I chose Tomoko because I was in a hurry and wanted something neutral but still sparkly. It's a perfect champagne mix of gold and silver though depending on the lighting I found it will pull more towards gold. In the sun it was brilliant and glittery. You hear matte polish you may assume it will not sparkle but that is not the case at all. The formula has a great consistency being very easy to use. It is a bit on the sheer side of things but still very reasonable. I used three coats for opacity and no top coat. I was a bit rushed while my nails were drying and I did ding them a few times slightly but the textured polish hides imperfections superbly! I could not tell which nails were dinged once they were dry. I don't know the last time that has happened, it could actually be the first! Tomoko is also

incredibly wear friendly. Unless you look so close that you are about to poke your own eye ball you will not notice tip wear making it a great choice when you know you just will not have time for a fresh mani in the near future. If you have not given the Pixie Dust line a try yet I encourage you to do so as soon as you can because I find myself wishing I had not waited so long to try it out.

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