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I Pink I Like It!

Zoya Harper

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Zoya Harper has been in my rotation since it was released in the summer of 2014. It's easy on the eyes, a pretty bubble gum pink that has generous helpings of iridescent glitter and golden shimmer that keeps it looking fresh. The formula is a Jelly that is easy to apply and manipulate but removal is a little on the tough side since all that glitter and shimmer like to adhere to your nails thoroughly. A bit of patience and a generous amount of acetone has never let me down no matter how stubborn the glitter. The jelly formula is a bit on the sheer side but that makes it perfect for layering. Pictured I am wearing three coats for opacity and top coat. The glitter has minimal texture to it and my top coat smoothed it out quickly. I just love how well the glitter and shimmer are distributed throughout this polish. I have not gotten bored wearing Harper

and I have worn it on both my fingers and toes quite a few times. I love that it's not just another pink polish. Don't get me wrong, I love a good pink polish as much as the next girl. It's just nice to have a polish that takes such a basic color and breathes new life into it while still keeping it's spirit.

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