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Blinded By The Bright!

China Glaze Pool Party

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China Glaze Pool Party is so incredibly bright that my nails seem to be glowing. I had more compliments on this color than I expected and I think that is because no one can miss my nails when the color is this intense. I loved every second of wearing Pool Party! Photographing it was another story. Neon is very hard to capture and show true color and this baby was no exception. It's brighter and a touch more pink than the picture shows. If anything my nails look brighter and more vivid in person than they do in the picture. The formula has a great consistency. If all nail polish formulas would be this smooth and easy to use I am sure we would have world peace. Yeah I might have had a sip or two of my Mojito! The opacity is what you would expect from a typical neon and I should have applied a white base. I am showing you four coats with top coat and the camera was very kind because I can see my nail lines as I am typing this plain as day that do not seem to show in this picture. I don't hold the polish at fault for that because that's very common for a neon polish and I would usually start with tighty whities for a base but I wanted to check out the opacity just as it was however I will definitely be using base coat in the future. The four coats I am sporting are thin. Usually if you need to layer that many coats the polish looks thick and chunky which is clearly not the case today. Pool Party has been around for several years and I am so glad that it's still available because this polish is as hot now as it was then! If you are looking to spice up your summer you definitely want to give this polish a look .... just make sure you are wearing your sunglasses when you do!

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