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It must have been an Arabian Night!

KB Shimmer One Night Sand

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KB Shimmer One Night Sand is a rose gold that is nothing short of amazing. This is from the new Summer 2016 collection. I promised myself that I would wait to do the glitter last and just like Abu in Aladdin as soon as I took a peak at all of that beautiful gold I became obsessed and before I knew it I was covered in the rich beautiful shining gold polish from KB Shimmer. I painted my nails with One Night Sand in the evening and just loved the formula. It's smooth and easy to apply with no issues at all. Like gliding across the desert sands on a flying carpet with a warm wind blowing through my hair. At least that's how I imagined it ... It never ceases to amaze me that a great polish can transport you just about anywhere! I also felt it was such a pretty rose gold and reminded me of ILNP's Juliette which I l really loved. I dragged my BFF over to paint her nails with it too. I guess I thought I had better share the wealth a little lol. The glitter is much smaller than Juliette and while both are flakies One Night Sand sets itself apart with metal flakes that are much smaller and no where near as rosy. I left for work the next morning and I was running a bit late so I did not pause to inspect my nails until lunch time. I decided to sit out in the sun and enjoy some of the heat and that is when I realized my nails were glowing! The holo was so strong with the rose gold flakes it was blinding in the sunlight. A couple of the girls I work with followed me out and were just as mesmerized by it as I was. I am not going to say I like One Night Sand more than I like Juliette because that would not be true, neither is the opposite true. What is true is that I found another polish I plan on never ever running out of! If you are looking for a little extra sparkle to get you noticed on a warm summer day you may just end up with a bottle of One Night Sand!

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