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Mai Tai One On

KB Shimmer Mai Tai One On

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KB Shimmer Mai Tai One On was calling my name and I was listening. It's been a perfect sunny day and it felt very fitting to choose a shimmer filled yellow to go with the amazing weather. It's a light yellow and that gold shimmer inside it is perfect. It glitters in the sun so nicely that I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of it. By now you all know that every time I choose a yellow nail polish I go on about it being an awful match for my skin tone but to tell you the truth I didn't even care about that this time. It is just too pretty a polish for me to exclude it just for that reason. The formula was smooth and easy to apply but it was on the sheer side. I applied three coats and top coat for the picture. Two thin coats and one heavier coat allowing the polish to dry for a few minutes between layers. The color, I was very happy with, though I did find myself wishing that the formula was a bit more opaque. Too many coats will cause your polish to chip but luckily I did not have issues with that. Yellows are never easy polishes. They are unforgiving and fussy at the best of times and more often than not, very streaky. If I take all of that into account Mai Tai One On is actually pretty good. The shimmer does camouflage well so I did not have to worry about streaks. KB Shimmer has made some of my favorite colors and I do like Mai Tai One On but it did not make it onto my list of favorites. I would encourage you to try it if you are a fan of yellow because it truly is a beauty.

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