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This Polish Just Blue My Mind!

Nicole by OPI Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue

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Nicole By OPI Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue. This gorgeous shimmery sky blue is so pretty that I totally forgive it for having such a silly name. The whole time I was painting my nails I was humming Sinead O'Connor....If you are as well after reading this I am sorry. On the bright side it is a pretty song and my nails look fabulous! I love how vivid this color is and the little glass fleck shimmer gives it such a beautiful finish. I was tempted to paint some fluffy white clouds on this mani! The formula is really great as well so application was a breeze. It is a little on the sheer side but it was opaque in three coats. I added top coat for the picture. The last Nicole poish I tried left me a bit disappointed but Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue has restored my faith. I know I am not the first one, and probably won't be the last person who wished that the people who name these polishes stop torturing us! OPI is all about the tongue in cheek punny but Nicole needs a bit of work in that department. This polish was released a few years ago but I picked mine up just last week during a shopping trip. If blue nail polish appeals to you as much as it does to me you should really pick this one up because missing out on it would be just awful!

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