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Neon Crush!

KB Shimmer Neon Me

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KB Shimmer Neon Me is a white crelly with small and medium sized beautiful little neon circles. I find I don't often stay on the fence when it comes to crelly polishes, it's either love it or hate it. Neon Me was a no contest winner in my books and makes me want to add more to my crelly collection. The formula was great and I was happy to apply the three layers it took to reach opacity. I applied one layer of top coat before taking the picture and I was pleased to see my nails were smooth to the touch as the glitter is not chunky. Polishes like Neon Me is exactly why I look forward to the summer collections every year and KB Shimmer did not disappoint! I do have to mention that when it came time for removal those same little neon circles that I was crushing on all day were also crushing on me and decided to cling to my nails as if hanging on for dear life. Ok I know I know! They weren't hanging on for dear life but it definitely took me by surprise that it took so much coaxing to get them off. You will require a bit of patience once you decide to remove this one but Neon Me is so pretty and fun that it's worth every drop of acetone. I mentioned the clingy glitter only to give you a heads up and not in any way to deter you from it. In fact I encourage you to jump on this band wagon with me!

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