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Orly Preamp

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Orly Preamped is so photogenic that if the batteries in my camera hadn't died I would probably still be snapping pictures of it. When I picked out Preamp from my collection it was only because I wanted something kind of pink but not super pink and without too much glitter... You know those days right? Where you want something but you're just not exactly sure what. It was a long day and it was getting late and I still had not decided what polish I wanted for the next day. I liked the shimmer in the bottle but since it does not always turn out as pretty on your nails I knew it was a bit of a gamble. I really was not expecting anything crazy but as it turned out this time it was the other way around. Preamp was so much more attractive on that I may have gotten a little more excited than I was expecting to get. Now remember I am a bit obsessed over polish so I do tend to get a little bit excitable... and I did stop myself from waking up Mr. Nailvanna just to show him how pretty my nails looked. The formula felt a little bit thick when I was applying it but surprisingly it was still sheer. It was easy enough to control because it was smooth, but not runny. It took three coats for opacity but since the formula was so easy to use I did not mind at all. I applied top coat before I started taking pictures. Everything about this color just appealed to me from the purple leaning pink to the pink shiny flakies that are visible in just about any light. This is what I love about playing with nail polish, those moments when you find one that really appeals to you in such an unexpected way. I am always amazed that such a small little bottle can bring you so much happiness and that really translates to the rest of your day. There is nothing like a perfect mani to improve your mood and the way you treat the people around you. I have always been a strong believer that if you look good you feel good! Preamp is worth every dime in my book.

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