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Pastel Goth!

Gothic Gala Hotsy-Totsy

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Gothic Gala Hotsy-Totsy was in my shopping cart the moment I spied her Art Deco Creams collection online. I was only planning on looking but you know how these things go right? This is my first time trying this brand but the colors looked very pretty and in that moment I knew without doubt that I "needed" to try it. I decided to test Hostsy-Totsy first because a good gray can take you far. It's sophisticated and chic without being fussy. Finding a suitable gray is the tricky part because just like any neutral, finding the ones that flatter your skin tone may take a some time. The good news is gray is incredibly multifaceted so you can do just about anything you want with it. Glossy or matte, minimal or blinged out the possibilities are endless. Hotsy-Totsy is a dove gray with lavender undertones. I found the formula to have a good consistency and it self leveled without any issues. I was tempted to add glitter but since this was my first time with Gothic Gala I decided not to dress it up so I could get a true feel for it. I applied two coats for opacity before adding top coat. I was happy with the durability as well and did not have any issues with tip wear or chipping. I love trying out newer brands that enter the industry. I love it even more when those makers turn around and create products that are a great addition to the thousands of polishes already available. I am always hesitant to recommend a new polish to my friends unless I am completely convinced that the polish that the brand has created is something that I would wear again myself! Gothic Gala has done exactly that with this polish. I am so very glad I decided to try it, and you will be too!

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