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Sinful Colors Holly-Wood

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Sinful Colors Holly-Wood is great shade of red. It sits on the fine line of reds that lean either orange or blue and balances between the two. I had about a gazillion compliments on my nails while wearing it. Red nails are a timeless classic and every single woman either owns of has owned that color at one time or another. The amount of times I went searching for the perfect shade of red is best left uncounted. I have come to realize that perfect for me is not perfect for everyone else and even what I prefer changes from day to day depending on my mood and my outfit. I have always loved red and Holly-Wood reinforced that feeling for me. This was the first time I have chosen to wear this shade as a matte. I won't lie, I did not expect to like it matte one bit but I still wanted to play with it. I thought I would put it on and test it for a bit wearing it for a few hours, then apply top coat to show you guys how pretty it looks glossy. As my nails dried I was kind of digging it so I put off the top coat....then once I realized I absolutely loved my matte red nails I skipped it all together! The formula for Holly-Wood was a great, easy to apply consistently but it was a bit on the sheer side. I did end up applying three coats before I took this picture. I initially only applied two but was not satisfied with it once my nails dried because my nail lines were a bit visible. Not a whole lot mind you but I did notice and so I went back for another coat. Wearing it as is, I expected the tip wear to be prominent or a bit more in the chipping department but it was pretty durable. By the end of the day I had very minor tip wear. Noticeable only under close scrutiny and if someone is inspecting your mani that closely they better be your manicurist! Sinful Colors has been really killing it lately! Every single polish from the Kylie Jenner line I have played with has exceeded my expectation. There seems to be a tonne of new colors and finishes out and they are constantly adding more. Their prices are fantastic and I wish I had more of them to play with! If you come across a display make sure you stop to pick up a few because they are worth it.

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