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ILNP 1UP was on my wish list from the moment I set eyes on it. Any Super Mario Brothers fan or if you are like me and have a child who loves the video game franchise, might be inclined to pick this one up. I need no such incentives when it comes to buying polish but it is a great excuse! It will probably, at this point surprise none of you that this is exactly what I did and I regret nothing! Yoshi green never looked this fabulous and I have to say the name definitely fits the polish because I felt like this color breathed new life into my mani every time it caught the light! I did show this to my little man and he said "wow".... Now I am not certain he said that because he likes it or because he felt it was the only thing an 11 year old boy can say to his mother who is grilling him on how cool a nail polish is when he is in the middle of the boss fight to end all boss fights on his computer game. I don't really know if he was on a boss fight but he did stare at me as just like a deer caught in the headlights right before he decided to just say "wow" but I love him enough not to press the issue. I certainly loved 1UP. I loved how fresh this green is, like fresh spring grass but with a holo sparkle. It's stuffed full of pretty holo flakies that capture the light and shows off this incredible polish even in low light so no one will ever miss your mani. The formula like many others that I have tried from ILNP was pretty close to perfect. It glided on my nails effortlessly I did need three coats to reach opacity since it is a lighter color. 1UP dried smooth and I added top coat for the picture. I have reviewed a few of my ILNP polishes and if you have not had a chance to follow along you can catch the reviews here. I definitely enjoyed wearing this polish and I believe you will too. 1 up was worth every penny and absolutely counts as money well spent! So come on girls, Get in the game!

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