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This Orange Was A Real Lemon...

Nicole Fresh Squeezed

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Nicole by OPI Fresh Squeezed is a juicy orange filled with beautiful orange flecks that glitter in the sun like little gems. It has a slight red tone that might not work with every complexion but I found I could get away with it. Orange is one of those tricky colors that has a way of causing you to fall in love with it even when it does not flatter you. Fresh Squeezed is definitely a lovely color but the formula I found lacking. It has a great consistency so it is easy to apply but it is thin and sheer. I used four coats before I had opacity and could apply my top coat. Even then I could still make out the visible nail line faintly but adding a fifth coat was just out of the question. For a polish made by OPI I have higher expectations in the quality department. OPI has been around for a very long time and has built a reputation for itself in the nail polish industry. A reputation that I feel this polish simply does not live up to. In truth OPI has made some of my favorite polishes. I found myself very frustrated because Fresh Squeezed looked so promising in the bottle but required way too many coats to achieve the desired end result to make it worth my time or money. I have really been enjoying the orange polishes and I was looking forward to playing with some new ones but this one is definitely not making the wear it again list. As heartbreaking as it is to leave this beautiful orange on the shelf I suggest passing on this one ladies when you see it calling out in the nail polish isle.

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