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NYC Mint'ed On Broadway

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I chose NYC Mint'ed On Broadway on a whim. As much as I love polish it can frustrate me at the same time. There are just so many amazing colors out there and I never seem to have enough fingers and toes... Yeah lame problem to have I know. It's been a while since I wore NYC and I felt like it was a good time to take a trip down Broadway. I will start by saying that I was not sold on Mint'ed on Broadway while in the bottle but as soon as I started painting my nails I changed my mind about that. The first coat was somewhat streaky so I waited ten minutes to give it time to dry before applying the second coat which evened everything out nicely. I was worried about bubbling because it has been pretty warm lately but giving the polish sufficient time to dry between layers solved the problem and I didn't have any of those kinds of issues. The formula was easy to work with, being just a little bit on the runny side. Pictured above I am wearing two coats with top coat. I just love this shade of green and I was not the only one. I had a lot of people commenting on this one and asking me what I had on my nails. Pretty cool for such an inexpensive little polish. I find myself wishing I had picked up all the colors by NYC last time I came across it because I am definitely enjoying Mint'ed On Broadway.

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