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Girly Bits Crantini

Girly Bits Crantini was a perfect choice! I love that holographic shimmer! It made me happy every time the sun hit my nails and I'll take every last bit of glittery goodness I can because I'm greedy that way. Crantini is a gorgeous cranberry pink filled with violet and holo shimmer. The formula is absolutely divine and I am wearing two coats of polish with top coat. It was released as part of 2013 Holiday collection and about to get retired so if you haven't got your hands on a bottle yet go and order it right now or you will miss out on it. You won't regret buying this incredible Girly Bits polish.

I find that I tend to wear my holo polishes much more frequently in the spring and summer seasons because when you spend more time outdoors in the sun you get to appreciate the full spectrum of blingy goodness a holo polish brings to the table. I get a little sad looking at my mani on gloomy days knowing my holo will never get a chance to really shine. There is no point in dwelling on that this time of year though and wearing Crantini I am definitely ready for it!

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