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The Balm Strawberry Fields Forevah

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I just love a good red nail polish and I don't think anything will ever change that. Add some

fuchsia shimmer to it and it's totally swoon worthy at that point. That's exactly what The Balm did with Strawberry Fields Forevah. I had a bit of a hard time coaxing out the shimmer with the camera but outside in the sun it was just brilliant. Inside the shimmer is almost invisible but that may work to your advantage if your workplace requires you to keep your polish a bit more

conservative. So you can have your cake and eat it.... delicious strawberry cake... just without the calories! I have played with The Balm cosmetics in the the past and their line of makeup is very trendy and quite fun but this was the first time I have tried their nail polish. The formula was quite good and I did not have a single thing to complain about. It has a great consistency

and very smooth application. I am showing you two coats with top coat. She is a beauty that is for sure.

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