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Grrrr This Polish Drove Me Krazey...

Sinful Colors Purple Kraze

I felt like something a little different today so I thought I would give matte finish a try. For this I chose Sinful Colors Purple Kraze from the Kylie Jenner collection. I painted my nails in the

evening because I had plans to spend Sunday with Mr. Nailvanna. The formula had a great

consistency and I didn't have any issues applying it. Because I knew I would not be adding top coat I gave it ten minutes between coats and I applied two layers. I took a picture and another couple of hours later went to bed. In the morning half awake the first thing I noticed was that I had chipped nail polish.... Just on one finger but still.... closer inspection revealed my right hand had sheet indents.... Really?? I have plans... I have no time for a new manicure. I got ready and as a last step before heading out I applied a new layer of Purple Kraze to the chipped one to

hopefully disguise it enough that I did not look like a hot mess. One coat on top of the existing two and you could not see any sign of the chip. The formula was pretty good as I said. The finger with the sheet marks I decided to add a layer of top coat. I figured It can be an accent nail and hopefully no one was going to call me out on that one. I went about my day and had an amazing Sunday with my man. By the time evening rolled around and the kids were tucked into bed my manicure was a write off. Half of my nails were chipped or had pretty serious tip wear. Just from one day with no typing at work involved! The glossy finger held up a little better and as a side note Purple Kraze has a very neat purple shimmer to it in the sunlight when glossy. Now maybe if I applied a matte top coat I would have fared better.... I should have thought of that but I did not since I do not sport matte manicures often. In the interest of fairness I like to make sure that all of my polish reviews are on a level playing field so I decided to start from scratch on day two. I began by repeating the whole process but this time I put a matte top coat on. I did not wake up with chipped nails and even though I spent the day typing my tip wear was not as bad as the day before when I did not apply top coat. So top coat did make a difference and you should never ever skip it! In all honesty I was not loving this polish. The color was beautiful the shimmer when glossy was gorgeous and the formula solid ... however I expect a mani to last more than a day when I add a protective topper and this polish just doesn't cut it. I know that there are lots of you out there that do prefer matte over glossy so I would love to hear from you. What's your favorite polish and do you use top coat?


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